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Create Customized Thank-You Gifts For The Guests That Come To Your Wedding

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When you get married, it is customary to have gifts to give to your guests when they leave to thank them for coming. Buying gifts for numerous people can be quite expensive, so you may want to consider creating customized gifts to give to your guests instead. The following guide walks you through a quick and easy way to create concrete coasters to give to your guests to thank them for coming to your wedding.

Consider the Design You Want for the Coasters

The first thing you need to consider is the design you want to use for the coaster. You can choose any design that you want, but you want to be sure that it fits in with the theme of your wedding. Some people choose to create coasters that are shaped like shells if their wedding has a beach theme or cowboy hats if they are having a more rustic style wedding.

Purchase a Mold for the Coasters

Next, you need to invest in a mold to use when you are making your coasters. You want to be sure to choose a mold that is durable and able to be used again and again. It is best to invest in a metal mold if at all possible so that the concrete does not stick to it. If you feel that shaped coasters are too complex to create, you can always simply purchase square molds and use them. Paint the coasters when they harden to make them more unique and special.

Mix the Concrete Mix

Look closely at the bag of concrete mix. On the bag, it should tell you exactly how much water to mix with the concrete. Be sure to follow the directions closely. Mix the concrete in a large bucket that you do not mind throwing away when you are done.

Create the Coasters

Spoon the concrete into the coaster molds little by little so that you do not overfill them and so that the concrete does not spread out of the bottom. Allow the concrete to sit for a minute and then remove the mold. Repeat the process until all of the coasters are made.

Once the coasters are done hardening, you can remove them from the mold. Be careful with them because if you drop one, there is a good chance that it will break. When your guests come to the wedding, have the coasters out on a table so that guests can grab them as they come into the reception venue.

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