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Questions to Ask Your Crane Rental Operator

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Renting a crane is an increasingly practical solution for construction company owners and operators who may hesitate to make the large investment that ownership requires. Those rentals, however, can come with uncertainty. If you've ever been nervous about the upkeep of a rental car, you can imagine how that feeling is magnified when the complicated machine you rent is vital to your business success.

Luckily, there are questions you can ask and information you can gather that will go a long way toward alleviating those concerns. Below, you'll find a guide to some questions you should be sure to ask a crane rental operator, allowing you to have the peace of mind you need to focus on the task at hand.

Ask About Maintenance Records

Delays are costly on a construction site, and if the delay occurs due to a fault in the crane, there's often nothing that can be done in the meantime. It's vital, then, that you understand the steps that have been taken to properly secure your crane rental.

Your rental service will be able to provide you with full maintenance records outlining every preventative and corrective action that has ever been taken with the equipment. This vital information will not only give you confidence, but can also alert you to warning signs that could signal the potential for trouble.

Ask About Weather Procedures

Crane operation is a highly technical field, and in the wrong environment, you might put your operator and your project at risk. High winds, rain, and lightning can all pose a threat to a crane, but each system has its own unique method for handling situations that must be addressed.

Making sure that you have a complete understanding of bad weather procedures is a key part of any successful crane rental. This will help keep the equipment in good shape and can also help you avoid the risk of potential sanctions or other punishments from inspection authorities who may frown at improper operations.

Ask About Liability

Even when a crane is operated safely, there's always at least a small element of risk. Making sure that you have adequate liability coverage is a responsible consideration, and you may be surprised to find that some rental services can help alleviate that burden. Having a full understanding of your underlying risk at the outset of a crane rental will help you operate more responsibly and will also help you know where to turn if something unfortunate should occur.

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