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Remodeling Your Home After A Flood? 4 Reasons To Install Concrete Floors

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Experiencing a flooding in your home due to water getting in from a storm or an appliance in your home malfunctioning can be frustrating and generally leads to thousands of dollars spent in repairs. There is also the possibility that your flooring has been ruined—especially so if you had carpeting or hardwood. Whether the flooring needs to be entirely removed or you intend on replacing the floors in just a single room or two, consider the following benefits that come with polished concrete floors for interior use.

Cleaning Up Water is as Easy as Mopping

While concrete may not be the first type of flooring you think of when you are remodeling the interior of your home, it can be a smart alternative to other floors due to how easy it is to clean. If any water gets on the floors, all you need to do is take out a dry mop and soak up the water without any harm to the flooring.

Without any chance of warping or mold from moisture, concrete can be ideal for areas with water frequently used, such as the bathrooms, kitchen, entryway, and laundry room.

Resistant to Allergens

Carpeting is often known for trapping pet dander and other allergens in the fibers, leading to a spike in allergies if it is not thoroughly cleaned regularly. With concrete flooring, you do not need to worry about allergens being trapped—making it an ideal choice for families with anyone that suffers from allergies. As long as you sweep regularly, there is no need to worry about dust and allergens being moved around.

Inexpensive and Easy to Care For

Hardwood flooring can often require repeat sessions of polishing to help keep it looking in the best condition possible. Carpeting also requires a great deal of care due to potential staining and the need for signs of wear and tear near high-traffic areas. With concrete floors, all you need to do is get sealing done from time to time to keep the flooring in the best shape.

Perfect for Homes with Pets or Kids

If you have young children or any pets that have free roam of your home, you likely already know just how much damage they can cause to the flooring in the form of stains, scratches, and more. With concrete flooring, this kind of damage can be entirely avoided so that the floors continue to look their best in the years to come.

While some people have considered concrete floors only suitable for the basement or garage, it can actually be a smart investment for use in your entire home due to the numerous benefits above. 

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