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Make Items Out Of The Leftover Concrete From A Concrete Job You Had Done

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If you have hired a concrete contractor to do a job on your property, let them know ahead of time to leave that leftover concrete mix with you. Since the price of it will be included in the bid, you will have the right to it.

There are a lot of creative ways you can use concrete to make items for your yard or around your house. When you make your own items, you will enjoy the process and be left with an item you can take pride in. You can learn about a few fun items you can make to decorate your yard and home in this article.

Make a milking stool

A milking stool is a short stool with three legs. This type of stool can be used for sitting, as a small side table or simply as décor. You can easily make a milking stool with concrete, water, a sheet of plastic, a stir stick, two buckets and three 18-inch round pieces of wood (the pieces of wood should be about the thickness of a broom handle).

You want to mix a little water and some concrete in one of the buckets. Lay the sheet of plastic in the other bucket, smoothing it out around the bottom of the bucket. Pour the concrete on the plastic until it is about three inches thick.

Stick the sticks about two inches into the concrete near the center and angle them so they spread apart more as they come out of the concrete. Allow the stool to dry according to specifications for the type you are using. Once it has dried, remove the stool and peel off any plastic that sticks. Now your stool is ready to use.

Make stepping stones

 You can use a regular pie pan to make a stepping stone. You can make a plain one, or get very decorative by adding in decorative glass pieces, polished stones or even seashells. You can also use cookie cutters to stamp them or write in them with a regular pencil.

Start by putting on a dust mask so you don't breath in the concrete powder. Use a bucket to mix small amounts of water into the concrete until you get it to the consistency of cake batter. Spray some cooking spray in the cake pan so it's easier to get the stepping stone out once it has dried.

If you want to add rocks to the stepping stone, do it before the concrete sets. You can also the very tip of a pencil to do any writing once the concrete gets a little harder, but well before it has dried.

Making your own concrete items is a lot of fun and it's a great way to make sure you use all the concrete you paid for when you hired a concrete contractor like Hofmann Concrete Construction LLC.