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Concrete In Your Next Home Flooring Projects

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If you're planning on doing some major remodeling, including putting in new floors, consider concrete in your design plans. This material goes beyond the gray, rough surfaces you may think of when you hear "concrete." Finishing techniques can make it look like natural stone, marble and even wood. Here are some flooring ideas to start you thinking about concrete for your next remodeling project.

Dining Room

Starting with the dining room, you want an elegant floor for your dinner parties. It needs to hold up to traffic from a lot of people with various footwear. A poured concrete floor mixed with dye and resins to create veins of color begins to look like a solid slab of marble. Top off the floor with a clear resin and polish to a high gloss and people will wonder how you were able to get such a large piece of marble into your house.

This is another benefit of concrete. You can create a designer floor anywhere in the house. A concrete pumping service can deliver the liquid material to any room on any floor. This eliminates the damage to stairs, hallways and other rooms by workers carrying in material.


A natural stone tile floor in the kitchen to contrast your new kitchen cabinets adds a nice touch that will last for years. The concrete can be dyed to look like granite or slate, then stamped with a tile design. A darker stain is used between the tile impressions to look like grout. Polish the floor to a gloss or leave it with a natural matte appearance.


Keep the clean look in the bathroom by pouring a concrete floor then stamping it to look like small ceramic tiles. For a touch of color, use a bright-colored stain in between the square shapes where the grout would be in a real tile floor.


A unique floor in a hallway is one that contains visual accents embedded in the material. A poured concrete floor is stained the desired color. Then you place objects carefully into the concrete randomly or in a set pattern. Coins, shells, small stone, even Lego blocks would do. The concreted is then covered with a clear resin and polished to look like glass. Your hallway floor is now a conversation piece whenever friends come over.


One strength of concrete is its durability. Instead of wood planks on your deck that can crack, rot and fade in the sun, use concrete. The concrete is pumped into the form, then stained to the color of wood you desire. Stamps are then used to create the ridges and whirls you see in a piece of wood. You'll have the look of wood without needing to regularly stain and seal it to keep the deck looking nice.

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