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Minimal Repairs That Can Prolong The Life Of Your Concrete Driveway

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Maintaining your concrete driveway is essential when you have no desire to replace it completely. You have several options for handling many different problems with the concrete. However, before you do anything, you need to figure out which ones are best for your driveway maintenance.

Crack Sealing

Cracks of any kind are a common problem with concrete driveways. You want to seal any cracks within the surface so they do not continue to grow. You have a few options for handling this problem, because each crack size will need a different type of repair.

For smaller cracks, a sealant that you spread into the cracks is a good option. This compound is a flexible material that looks like liquid rubber and it bonds with the concrete. The compound also allows the concrete to shift naturally, which prevents the crack from growing bigger.

When dealing with larger cracks, filling them with new concrete is your best option. With this method, a concrete company cleans out the crack and removes any dirt or loose pieces. Then the company puts new concrete into the space, which strengthens your existing concrete and repairs the crack at the same time.

Either of these methods can help prolong the life of your current driveway. Handling cracks while they are smaller will stop the surface from breaking apart due to moisture or fluctuating temperatures, which are the common reasons concrete will fail to begin with.

Porous Concrete

When water has damaged your driveway, you need to find a reliable solution. One option you have is to replace a portion of your driveway with porous concrete.

Unlike traditional concrete, porous products have less gravel and sand. The makeup of this material allows the water to go straight through the concrete. This material is best suited for areas that develop potholes because of standing water.

For example, when water sits on the surface of your driveway and does not move, the moisture has more time to break apart the concrete. Placing the porous concrete can help eliminate this issue so you do not have to replace your entire driveway to fix the water damage.

Maintaining your driveway takes a little work, but it is generally a lot easier than completely replacing it. You will need to take some time and look through the different materials and services that will help repair any issue you have. For more information or advice, contact a business such as S&W Concrete.