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What Is Acid Stain On Concrete?

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If you're designing the indoor and outdoor portion of your commercial building, you might be considering how concrete can serve your needs. Acid stain concrete is a viable option if you want something unique and stylish. This guide explains what acid stain concrete is, where you can use it and what its biggest advantage is.

The Chemical Reaction of Acid Stain

When a contractor creates acid stain concrete, they mix three ingredients with the concrete mix to create the color you want. These ingredients include:

Concrete contractors also mix these ingredients and then apply it to existing concrete to create the color you're looking for. Get the exact look you want by asking the contractor to see a color chart. Make your choice from the chart or combine a couple colors to create something unique.

The Places You Can Use Acid Stain

Acid stain concrete application works well in various design aspects of your business. Speak with a concrete contractor to see if they can apply it in one of these areas around your commercial property:

  • sidewalk
  • front entrance
  • parking lot
  • interior walls
  • exterior walls

Once the area is determined, the contractor simply paints on the acid stain.

The Biggest Advantage of Acid Stain

One great advantage of acid stain concrete is how it can transform a regular old slab of concrete into a work of art. Acid stain makes the slab look more like marble instead of just concrete.

The mottled look is usually an earth tone brown. Mixed in with the brown are greens and reds. While the base mix is this color, you can change the color to others with a simple mix that the concrete contractor adds in at the time of application, as mentioned earlier.

As the colors work together, a different tone begins to take shape, offering an entirely different atmosphere for your customers.

Each area you have the acid stain applied to looks a little different. This non-uniform look is attractive because it provides character. However, if you prefer the exact look, ask your contractor to do the best they can to make everything look the same.

Use existing concrete to create a unique display of color or designs throughout your commercial building. If you need a concrete slab poured, ask for acid stain right from the start. Ask a concrete contractor, like Burns Brothers Concrete Construction Corp, about various colors and designs that you can incorporate into your commercial building.